My research focuses on producing digital content and data that will enhance the creative community’s knowledge and understanding of design for manufacturing. I am specifically focused on providing resources and tutorial content for digitally 3D modeling ideas, calculating proper machining and printing settings when using manufacturing equipment, and sourcing sustainable materials. This content will be delivered via an open source multimedia platform, with the target audiences being designers, educators, and creative communities.

engineer designer working on cad bluepri

Phase one focuses on creating professional digital tutorial content that focuses on 3D modeling using CAD software, programing tool paths using CAM software, and properly operating and maintaining equipment.

Phase two centers on providing machining and printing specifications through physical material testing. This content will suggest optimal machining and printing settings for use on manufacturing technologies such as CNC routers, laser engravers, and 3D printers.

Phase three involves supplying raw material properties and sourcing information. This content will be compiled by connecting with sustainable material manufacturers and creating connections with pre-existing database organizers to provide content resources.