Website will include digital tutorial content, machining and printing data, and sustainable materials properties and resources that will enhance the creative community's knowledge and understanding of design for manufacturing. 


Phase 1: Customized computer aided design (CAD), computer aided manufacturing (CAM), and manufacturing equipment operation tutorials that educate viewers on design for manufacturing techniques and processes.

Phase 2: Research data results that provide ideal machining and printing settings for use on CNC routers, laser engravers, and 3D printers.


Phase 3:  Material properties, sustainability data, and sourcing information that educates the creative community on material science and engineering, as well as connects them with sustainable material manufacturers.


When creative and STEM fields collaborate across disciplines innovative ideas, technology, and products develop. These collaborative experiences have led the creative community to seek more STEM based knowledge that will enhance their creative work and critical thinking. 

My design for manufacturing research will provide the creative community with digital tutorial content, machining and printing data, and sustainable material resources that will aid in the design, prototyping, and manufacturing processes.


With the innovation of new technologies, materials, and manufacturing processes my design for manufacturing research will continue to evolve and grow in scale.