My creative work materializes at the nexus of art, design, science, and engineering. When creativity and scientific knowledge are collectively practiced innovative ideas, methods, and results emerge. To conceive inspiration, I research the processes in which organisms live, grow, and survive. I study the diverse morphological features of flora and fauna to generate physical ideas that visually play with form, structure, connection, texture, and color. I examine the behaviors of how people utilize and interact with objects to discover the most efficient methods of designing purposeful products. With the ongoing effects of pollution and climate change, it is imperative I create thoughtful work that will have a reduced impact on our natural environment. Through the discovery of these stimulating methods and processes, I develop objectives that spawn meaningful creations both functional and sculptural.


My work physically develops through the experimentation of advanced manufacturing technologies and equipment, in conjunction with hands-on exploration of raw materials. I utilize computer aided design software to visualize my work in three-dimensions, as well as digitally simulate structural testing conditions to establish the stability of each design. When selecting raw materials, I research renewable and recyclable products that are sustainably sourced and manufactured. I explore an array of traditional and modern fabrication processes to experiment with material properties and prototype designs. During the fabrication process, I utilize manufacturing equipment such as CNC routers, laser engravers, and 3D printers to fully realize my work. My creativity peaks while navigating through the processes of problem solving within the evolution of an idea. Throughout my design process, I keep my mind open to the possibilities of moving forward from a tangible concept, in the event my exploration leads to the discovery of a more innovative idea.


I reflect on my creative work through the analysis of user interactions and observational assessments. Being open to the perceptions and sentiments of others is imperative in how I continue to develop my methods and grow in the exploration of new creative work. Finally, with the advancements in technology, I am motivated to continue learning and exploring new processes to create and connect.